What is a family constellation?

A family constellation is a method in which people work on their personal issues in a group, using their family history. During a constellation, different family members are represented by the participants or objects, such as dolls or paper.
During the constellation, emotions and feelings often surface, such as sadness, fear and anger. This may be because the participant gains new insights into his or her family history and how it affects his or her daily life.
An important role in family constellations is the energy present within the group. The presence of several people creates a field of energy, also called the "field of knowing. This field is said to contain information about the history and subconscious of the participants.
After the constellation, participants may feel relieved and have gained more insight into their personal issues. There may also be relaxation and harmony in relationships between family members. 

In short, one can conclude that an important role of energy plays in family constellations and the field of knowing is an important source of information for participants. Participants gain new insights during family constellations, emotions and feelings surface and a field of energy is created. After the constellation, participants may feel relieved and remember that it is a process that requires time and perseverance.

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Family constellation, wooden dolls, field of knowing, one-on-one, table constellation, systemic


Met enthousiasme nodigen we jullie uit om deel te nemen aan onze familieopstelling sessies. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Jennifer, Willeke en Jente volgen momenteel de opleiding familieopstellingen en zouden graag jullie verwelkomen om onze praktijk ervaring te verrijken.

- Zaterdag 24 Februari van 9.00 tot 11.00 uur
Opsteller: Willeke
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- Donderdag 21 maart van 9.00 tot 11.00 uur
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We kijken ernaar uit om samen te komen en te delen in deze bijzondere ervaring.

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